Resource efficient and cleaner production consultancy

Resource efficient and cleaner production is a preventive approaches for resource reduction and waste prevention at sources. It can be applied to any kind of industry regardless of size and area of business. Its principle is to analyse the process steps to understand the input and output in order to find ways to reduce the input material as well as the output (waste). Green Move Consulting provides service in the area to conduct assessment, propose solutions, solutions’ feasible study, take part in implementation to realise the saving. The service also includes the training both in class and on the job to apply cleaner production method in place.


Energy efficiency, energy audit and energy management system (ISO 50001)

Energy is one of the big cost for any industry meaning saving energy is saving a good money. In addition to the economic costs of energy to an organization, energy can impose environmental and societal costs by depleting resources and contributing to problems of GHG emission leading to climate change. The development and deployment of technologies for new energy sources and renewable sources can take time. Individual organization cannot control energy prices, government policies or the global economy, but they can improve the way they use the energy through energy efficiency or energy management system. GMC provide complete service in the area of energy saving for all kind of industry from energy audit, energy reduction planning, energy saving project feasibility study, project implementation, and training service for industrial engineers. GMC also provides Energy Management System as per the requirement of ISO 50001 consultancy and utility management system for the industry or hotel to better use the resources which leads to financial saving through the reduction of operation cost.


Quality management system and food safety management system (HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000)

Quality product is the heart of the business. Without heart business cannot survive long. Most businesses focuses on marketing and sale and forgets the continuous improvement of the quality of their product(s) or services. This way will lead to the death end of the business with the function of time. It cannot be denied that the marketing and sale are the blood stream to support the company operation but the hidden tremendous important is heart which is the quality of the products and services. To assure the quality of the product, a lot of thing needs to be done ranging from policy of the company which shows the commitment of the leader of the company and to encourage the involvement from other important players to documentation and capacity building of the all employees. Any management system consists of four levels of action in order to ensure the smoothness of implementation. First of all, the quality manual has to be developed as per the context of the organization to document the policy, what need to be done to ensure the quality, people’s responsibility and authority and leadership. Secondly, standard operating procedure (SOP) and work instruction must be available to tell people how the job or task is executed according to the standard. And finally, forms have to be developed to ensure the assigned tasks and jobs are done accordingly.

Having experiences with quality system establishment for several companies in Cambodia, Green Move Consulting will support your business to assure the quality of the products and services to ensure the better competitiveness and long lasting presence in the market and to satisfy your customers.


Environmental management system (ISO 14001)

Without proper environment, there is no life. Thus it is important to consider environment while doing the business because at the end of the day you cannot breath or eat money. To preserve the environment while do business, environmental management system as per the ISO 14001 is strongly recommended. GMC can provide support and work with you to have the system in place.


Renewable energy (Solar PV and Biomass)

After energy efficiency implementation, industry can further reduce their carbon footprint through the application of the renewable energy. Due to fast development and mass production, the cost of industry in renewable energy has reduced remarkably which make the investment into this area more attractive and business sense. GMC provide service on feasibility study of the renewable energy project for solar and waste agricultural biomass for any kind of industry and projects.


Chemical Management and labelling

The world has agreed to have one global system for chemical management which is Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. It was created by the United Nations beginning in 1992 and as of 2015 is not yet fully implemented in many countries. It was designed to replace the various classification and labelling standards used in different countries by using consistent criteria on a global level. GMC provide service in the area for any kind of chemical users to have more understanding about the system and to apply it in place to manage the chemicals.



Training is very important for your business presence in the long term because it will improve the capacity of your human resource which is very valuable to the success of your business. GMC provides up to date and applicable training programs on the above subjects including resource efficient and cleaner production, energy efficiency and energy audit, quality management system, environment awareness and management system, renewable energy, safety in the work place, chemical management. We can provide both in class and on the job training.


Technical translation and interpretation

Mutual understanding of the technical language can enhance your business communication in speedy manner. GMC provides translation service in the area of chemical, environmental and energy. We also provide the qualified interpreters for your important business workshop or link up in Cambodia.